Introducing Short-Term Lets

Like all good soap operas, The Links has a spinoff!

Regular The Links readers will remember that Alistair Sinclair decided to let the flat he inherited from his father:

‘Hold on,’ Alistair called. ‘I wanted to tell you… the work on the flat’s almost finished. I was planning to put it on the market, but I’m going to let it out instead. Short-term lets. People coming to the city for the weekend, that sort of thing.’

‘Parties,’ Erin said. ‘That sort of thing?’

Alistair’s flat is the setting for The Links: Short-Term Lets, a series of episodes written by guest writers. In each episode (or short series of episodes), new characters come to stay in Alistair’s flat, each with their own reasons for being there and their own stories to tell.

These episodes stand separately from the main The Links storylines (although familiar characters may appear) and anything might happen.

You don’t need to read The Links to follow these episodes, but if you’re not reading The Links, you should be!

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If you’re interested in contributing an episode to Short-Term Lets, submissions are welcome! Reply to this post or email for more details.

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