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I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. While The Links is taking a little break between seasons, I’ve put together a few bonus posts. This one comes courtesy of a reader who emailed me a few weeks ago to ask if Bruntsfield, where The Links is set, is a real place. It is, and it’s lovely! So—inspired by another reader who asked for recommendations of things to do while visiting Edinburgh—I’ve put together a little guide.

Bruntsfield is in the south of Edinburgh, about a mile from the city centre. Golf has been played on Bruntsfield Links, from which The Links takes its name, since the 15th century. Now, it’s parkland, with views of Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle.

While Bruntsfield is a largely residential area, there’s still plenty to do. There’s no shortage of great restaurants, among them: Chop House (steaks, oysters, and cocktails), Three Birds, (offbeat seasonal dishes), Leftfield, (incredible seafood and organic wine), Honeycomb & Co, (brunch and home-baking), and Black Ivy, (good food, and a hotel, if you’re visiting).

For coffee & cake, the best cafés and bakeries are: Castello Coffee (coffee and brunch), Cuckoo’s Bakery, (cupcakes and brownies), Modern Standard Coffee, (quality coffee on the edge of Bruntsfield Links), and Artisan Cheesecakes, (huge selection of cheesecakes, including vegan options).

Bruntsfield has some great delis. There’s Bross Bagels (Montreal-style bagels), La Barantine, (freshly-baked French bread and sandwiches), and 181 Delicatessen, (local artisan foods). For organic, seasonal produce, there’s Dig-in, Bruntsfield’s community-run greengrocer.

The best shopping in Bruntsfield is at Biscuit (handpicked designer clothing), Flamingosaurus Rex, (a shop, gallery and art space), The Edinburgh Bookshop (knowledgeable staff and a brilliant selection of books), and Curiouser & Curiouser (prints, jewellery and homewares).

I hope that’s interesting, and if you’ve got any questions about Brunstfield, let me know!


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